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We coach. We consult. You profit.

Executives of Small to Medium Businesses

Leadership development starts with you, but you don’t want to practice in public!

Working out your own issues while keeping your public act together can be very isolating.

Fresh ideas, fresh perspectives and private accountability are some of the reasons your peers have hired Inventive Strategies.

"Imagine yourself in a world where time management is no longer an issue, even on the most hectic and crazy-busy days. My friend and business coach par excellence, Lorette Pruden, recently introduced me to this world..."
Sandy Styer, Trusted Advisors, in Forbes

Mixed Technical & Business Teams

Your PhD's and MBA's see through different ends of a telescope. So do the kitchen staff and the front of the house.

Collaboration is more than a buzzword. We bring the mindset and skills to help make it real in your organization.

We help your specialist teams see through each other's eyes and bring the solution into focus, faster.

"Getting those guys to work towards the same goal is going to be tough...but we trust you to do it. We do, we do."
Raoul Momo, Co-owner,
Terra Momo Restaurant Group

Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

Can you tell the story of your innovation and your company so that investors will reach for their checkbook? The coachable entrepreneur is attractive to investors. How coachable are you?

"We appreciate your insightful feedback, and are already using it to hone our message into a laser-beam-like focus."
Chris & Mike Gillespie, GIPOplant.com

"Lorette is an excellent business coach. Not only did she focus my efforts but she introduced me to individuals and organizations and helped me bring in my first clients much sooner than I expected. I would highly recommend Lorette to anyone starting a technology-based business."
Edith Lewis-Rogers