About Lorette

Hi, I’m Lorette Pruden, PhD, founder of Inventive Strategies. I am also the author of Formerly Corporate: Mindset Shifts for Success in Your Own Business.
I work with small to mid-sized business owners who want to get past their current situation and lead themselves, their enterprises and their teams to business and personal success.

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Twitter: @lorettepruden


I consult and coach, speak and write, about the challenges a small business leader faces...

I have a broad network of allies and specialists...

I am deeply involved in my local business community...


My career is in at least its third arc. I started in R&D...

FUTURE After a 20th century career in the oil business, I’ve shifted into a 21st century business coaching career. My vision is that “business results from people”, whether they work for you, with you, or as needed…

Some of my professional activities include


Established organizations… “She can keep us in the room, on focus, long enough to get something done.”
Dave Kelly, Director, Strategic Markets, SI Group, Schenectady, NY

Entrepreneurs and Start-ups… “Lorette is an inside outsider… her corporate and scientific experience plus her ability to focus us has clarified our business model and accelerated our growth. She brought valuable insight to our team dynamics. Her wealth of contacts provides us access to the experts we need, exactly when we need them.”
Charles Brumlik, Founder and CEO, Nanobiz, LLC

Solo-preneur and happy that way… “Lorette Pruden taught me how to put myself in situations where opportunities can drop into my lap.”
Bob Baker, Technical Writer, Copy to Go, Hillsborough NJ